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Ocean Youth Trust Ireland is a national sail training charity that believes that young people from all walks of life should have the opportunity to reach their full potential. Ocean Youth Trust Ireland use ‘Adventure under Sail’ – adventure sailing and camp as a means to help young people aged ten years upwards to gain knowledge about themselves and others.

We help young people to live healthy, fulfilling lives and make a positive contribution to their community and society as a whole.


Ocean Youth Trust Ireland believes that young people from all walks of life should have the opportunity to reach their full potential. Ocean Youth Trust Ireland use ‘Adventure under Sail’ as a means to help young people gain knowledge about themselves and others. We help young people to live healthy, fulfilling lives and make a positive contribution to their community and society as a whole.


Ocean Youth Trust Ireland will promote youth centred programmes which use boat based learning as a means to respond to issues raised by young people in Ireland.
Ocean Youth Trust will be work in partnership with youth agencies and individuals from within the local community as well as voluntary groups to design creative programmes which meet the needs of young people from across Ireland using the outdoors as a medium for development.

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OYTI believe that sailing is the perfect outdoor activity to facilitate personal development and as an organization we use a range of methods to help participants recognise the value of Boat Based Learning.

  • Challenge by Choice
  • Positive Re-Enforcement
  • Regular group and individual discussion and review of activities
  • A learning journal log book for participants to record their experiences
  • A qualitative and quantitative evaluation system

There is a methodology which we use when we do our work. We take working with young people very seriously and our tailor made programmes are grounded in informal education, outdoor learning and youth-work using proven models of practice.

OYTI creates an atmosphere enabling young people to learn more about themselves. Sailing a boat are reliant on team work. Our programmes are carefully designed to maximize the principles of outdoor education and nature. This creates an element of risk which underlies all of our work and makes the whole experience exciting and unique for every group. We are very fortunate, Ireland has an expansive coastline and inland waterways which we can explore, and if that is not enough, there are the two thirds of the world covered by ocean which we can access. Underlying the core elements of sailing we ultimately connect people and build relationships. We link people to themed programmes such as heritage, the arts and culture.



Length – 7.4m
Draft – 1.1m
Displacement – 1 Tonne
Crew – up to 4 people
Sail Plan – Mainsail and headsail with the option of a symmetrical spinnaker


These are high performance keelboats that can be used for day sailing sessions or longer term expedition voyages.They are open but are unsinkable, self draining and provide good protection to those inside.

Vision XL

Length – 4.6m
Displacement – 125kg
Capacity – 4
Sail Plan – Mainsail and headsail with option of gennaker

These are an excellent dinghy as they allow a good foundation to learn from yet can perform when pushed. It also has an optional gennaker so a higher level of sailing can taught.


Length – 3.64m
Displacement – 63kg
Crew – 2
Sail Plan – Mainsail and headsail and option of gennaker 

The boats can be sailed as a single handed or with a double handed crew. They are very stable and are comfortable for younger or older sailors. These beginner boats can be sailed as a single handed or with a double handed crew. They are very stable and are comfortable for younger or older sailors.

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